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At a former church we had a lovely widow in the congregation called Margaret. One Sunday before the service she noticed a very old friend called Brenda whom she had not seen for many years. Brenda was attending church the Sunday after her husband’s funeral. “Come and sit with me”, invited Margaret. Brenda said, “Yes.”

During the week Margaret rang Brenda to see if she would be coming to church the following Sunday and asked whether she would like to go to Margaret’s house for lunch after the service. Brenda said, “Yes.”

The following week Margaret suggested they go out for Sunday lunch together. Brenda said, “Yes.”

About six months later, Brenda explained that coming to church, sitting with Margaret and going out for lunch had really helped her during her bereavement. So they decided to keep an eye out for other widows. Each week they would look through the deaths’ column in the local paper, and decided that if they knew any of the widows, they would attend the funerals of their husbands. The following Sunday they would sit in church with their eyes on the door ready to invite the widow to join them.

Needless to say their group began to grow and was affectionately known as ‘Widows’ Pew’. Every Sunday there was lunch out at a different pub, and they even began to organise an annual holiday.

Now here’s the point: Margaret and Brenda turned out to be the best evangelists in our church, and they did it by simply saying, “Would you like to sit with me?” People are not looking for a friendly church; they are looking to make friends.